Which products do you need to give your film a professional boost? We want to help you give it the successful release it deserves. We offer an independent, one-stop shop of professional post production services. Our highly trained team of colorists, sound engineers, VFX specialists, editors and mastering experts are here to help you make your project as successful as it can be. Why not give us a call to chat about your requirements.

Baselight Colour Grading Theatre Company in UK

Baselight Grading Theatre Products

To help create our products, we use a professional colour grading theatre with 9 comfortable seats, a 2m x 5m screen and all the latest in Baselight technology systems. This makes it easy for us to deliver high quality results.

Video Dolby Suite Company in UKDolby Video Suite product

Broadcast Video Dolby Suite Products

Dolby Vision is at the cutting edge of digital content technology. Our dedicated broadcast suite ensures that our team of experts can deliver a complete post production solution for your film-making or commercial project.

VFX Expert Services in UKVFX Company in UK

VFX For Film

We create innovative high end visuals for feature films. Professional compositing, computer graphics and digital matte techniques will be delivered flawlessly by our UK team of industry-leading VFX experts.

DCP Mastering Services in UKDigital Cinema Packages Company in UK

DCP Mastering Products

We offer products to help you with mastering. We deliver one of the highest quality digital cinema mastering packages available in the marketplace. Professional, encrypted cinema prints. 2K or 4K

Best Audio Effects Company of UKAudio Effects Company in UK

Audio – Bgm, FX & ADR

Don’t let poor sound quality detract from the story you want to tell. We provide expert sound design, supply and maintenance. Hire senior experts from our post production company in the UK.

Deliverables QC & Film Services Company in UKDeliverables QC and Film Services in UK

Deliverables QC & Film Services

First impressions count, so how sure are you that your film meets the technical quality standards to make it a success? Don’t leave your deliverable’s and QC to chance. Our team of experts can help you ensure your project’s flawless completion.